ProVent™: Designed for Professional Vaults

Proper ventilation is paramount for the maximum lifespan of your film collection. That’s why more and more of the biggest names in film are moving from traditional film cans and platform designs to ProVent – the film can of the future.

ProVent’s innovative design uses active ventilation to reduce acetic acid levels and bring new life to your valuable film collection. It’s the only film can in the world that conforms to National Film and Sound Archive Australia’s ventilated film can research


ProVent Design vs. Platform Design

What makes the proprietary and innovative ProVent design a superior archival solution?

Innovative Design for Active Ventilation

With standard vented cans, acetic acid can pool in the bottom, because the acid is heavier than air and there is no airflow under the film. ProVent’s actively ventilated design significantly improves airflow under the film – greatly reducing acetic acid levels and extending the lifespan of the film.

Solid Support

ProVent cans are built with raised ribs to provide solid and even support throughout the film roll, thereby preventing film sagging and edge distortion that can come from platform designs.

360-Degree Stacking

Unlike platform designs, which must be stacked in one position, the ProVent’s 360-degree stacking feature makes both stacking and unstacking a much less labor-intensive process. 

Industry-Standard Sizing to Maximize Shelf Space

Unlike platform designs, which can reduce your usable shelf space, ProVent containers are sized to industry standards for maximum efficiency, and can stack right alongside standard metal cans if needed. 

Smooth Finish for Easy Labeling

Unlike platform designs, which greatly limit labeling options, the finish on the ProVent can is smooth and suitable for long-term label adhesion, with a 4 in. or greater diameter in the center of the lid and 360 degrees of unobstructed space on the rim.

Tuscan offers a full range of 16mm and 35mm ProVent sizes for protected storage of film from 400 ft. – 2000 ft.

Film Cores

Tuscan offers chemically-inert polypropylene 3 in. cores in 16mm and 35mm sizes for a complete archival storage solution. Independently tested and passed PAT – Photographic Activity Test.

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